Spring Meeting Powerpoint
Here is the power point coach Bartlett went over last night at the meeting. Contact him with questions.
2019 White Bear Football powerpoint.pptx
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2019 Youth Football Camp
Our youth football camp will be from July 22nd-24th from 12:30-2:00PM at South Campus. Our high school players and coach Bartlett will run the camp on the stadium field. Sign up today!
WBLAHS Football Camp_2019.pdf
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Free Sports Physical

White Bear Lake Football on Twitter! @bear_football

Varsity Uniform Wash Instructions
Please follow these directions when washing game uniforms.
Varsity Uniform Wash Instructions.pdf
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WBL Football Pictures

WBL Youth Football


2019 Schedules/Results


8/24/19 Scrimmage at South 10AM

8/29/19 vs. Anoka 7:00PM @ South

9/6/19 @ Mounds View 7:00PM

9/13/19 vs. Stillwater 7:00PM @ South

9/20/19 vs. Cretin 7:30PM @ St.Thomas

9/27/19 vs. East Ridge 7:00PM @ South

10/4/19 @ Roseville 7:00PM

10/11/19 @ Lakeville North 7:00PM

10/16/19 vs. Woodbury 7:00PM @ South




8/24/19 Scrimmage at South 10AM

8/30/19 vs. Anoka 10AM @ South

9/7/19 @ Mounds View 10AM

9/14/19 vs. Stillwater 10AM @ South

9/21/19 @ Cretin 10AM

9/28/19 vs. East Ridge 10AM @ South

10/5/19 @ Roseville 10AM

10/12/19 vs. Lakeville North 10AM @ South

10/17/19 vs.  Woodbury 10AM @ South





8/24/19 Scrimmage at South 8AM

8/28/19 @ Anoka 5:00PM

9/5/19 vs. Mounds View 4:30PM @ South

9/11/19 @ Stillwater 7PM 

9/19/19 vs. Cretin 4:30PM @ South 

9/25/19 @ East Ridge 7PM

10/3/19 vs. Roseville 4:30PM @ South

10/10/19 @ Lakeville North 4:30PM

10/15/19 @ Woodbury 7:00PM




8/24/19 Scrimmage at South 8AM





8/23/19 Scrimmage at South 3PM

8/28/19 @ Anoka 3:30PM

9/4/19 vs. Mounds View 4PM @ Price

9/11/19 @ Stillwater 5PM 

9/18/19 vs. Cretin 4PM @ Price

9/25/19 @ East Ridge 5PM 

10/2/19 vs. Roseville 6PM @ South

10/10/19 vs Lakeville North 4:30PM @ Price

10/15/19 @ Woodbury 5:15PM






8/23/19 Scrimmage at South 3PM

8/29/19 vs. Anoka 4PM @ Price
















Varsity Coaches/10th Coaches

Ryan Bartlett- HC/OC/  Ryan.Bartlett@isd624.org

Jeremy Post- CB's  Jeremy.Post@isd624.org

Jason Tlusty- Qb's Tlustysg@gmail.com

Jesse Reynolds- RB's  Jesse.Randr@gmail.com 

Nick Devet- OL  Nicholas.Devet@isd624.org

Keith Lockwood- OL/TE's  Keith.Lockwood@isd624.org

Dustin Holman- DC  Dustin.Holman@isd624.org

Marc Braeger- DL  Marc.Braeger@isd624.org

Adam Holman- LB's Adam.Holman@isd624.org

Dane Bates- DB's Dmbates26@gmail.com 

Mark Domschot WR's- Mark.Domschot@isd624.org

Trevor Tolly DB- TrevorTolly@gmail.com

Connor Luby DL- Connor.Luby@isd624.org

Ryan Fitzpatrick DB's- Ryan.Fitzpatrick@isd624.org

Tom Determan OL- Thomas.Determan@isd624.org





9th Grade Coaches

Craig Nasvik- DL Craig.Nasvik@isd624.org

Cory Hazard- WR's Cory.Hazard@isd624.org

Tim Sager- LB's Timothy.Sager@isd624.org

Justin Andrus- OL/DL Justinandrus10@gmail.com

Adam King- DB's  Adam.King@isd624.org

Jon Pratt- DL/OL Jonathan.Pratt@isd624.org